Gifts for horse-loving girls ages 6 to 11.

Horse Lover's Subscription Box

Each month your young horse-loving girl will receive a box of horse-themed items, including toys, jewelry, books, accessories, decor items, stationary, and more! Ages 6 to 11.




Equine Fashionista Surprise

Your horse-loving young lady will receive a special package each month containing one or two sweet horse-themed items, such as a bracelet, necklace, ring, keyring, earrings, and more. Ages 6 to 11.



At LaLa Horse we create fun, inspiring, educational gifts and products for kids who love horses.

When they love them, they love them! We don't know why so many youngsters fall in love with horses, we just know they do! 

At LaLa Horse we curate and create products that these horse-loving kids will adore, and that are educational at the same time. As parents, ourselves, our mission is to help all horse-loving kids grow successful, happy, smiling adults!

Learn more about the team of professional trainers and instructors behind LaLa Horse.